Speedrun Routes and Ideas

This is where I document my routing process for all of the speedrun routes I create. It serves as a window into my brain when I was creating a route from scratch for a game. These pages aren’t necessarily meant to look pretty or be super informative, more of a place to publicly broadcast my ideas and creative process when making these routes.

SaGa Frontier

Some of the information I gather is from sites I have roughly translated into English, which you can view here: https://www.ffvdgames.com/saga-translated-pages/

The Remaster

For preservation’s sake, I’ve preserved the ideas I had for speedrunning SaGa Frontier Remastered before its launch.

Romancing SaGa (SFC)

I’m only going to have one route for this game, and it’s not even really a route. It’s more of a manipulation strategy to consistently get the credits warp.