Speedrun Routes and Ideas

This is where I document my routing process for all of the speedrun routes I create. It serves as a window into my brain when I was creating a route from scratch for a game. These pages aren’t necessarily meant to look pretty or be super informative, more of a place to publicly broadcast my ideas and creative process when making these routes.

SaGa Frontier

Some of the information I gather is from sites I have roughly translated into English, which you can view here: https://www.ffvdgames.com/saga-translated-pages/

The Remaster

These are my preliminary ideas for routes assuming one glitch or a combination of glitches are going to be patched, specifically Junk Shop and extended Overdrive via SnakeOil.

As of February 18, 2021, I have a plan for every character and backups for if certain glitches end up getting patched. I still need to write notes for noquickstart’s Blue, Riki, Lute, and Red no junk shop routes. I also have a tentative plan for how I’m going to approach Fuse in a 2nd Division run, but that might change at the next stream for the game in March. I still have no clue how I would approach Fuse in a single scenario run, but I’m not going to worry about that until well after launch.

Romancing SaGa (SFC)

I’m only going to have one route for this game, and it’s not even really a route. It’s more of a manipulation strategy to consistently get the credits warp.