SaGa Frontier – Asellus RNG Manipulation

Use niconico timing. Hard reset before Orlouge (and maybe Bat and Lion 2)


Route (general idea):

  • Facinaturu
    • Do the intro like normal
      • ShadeRobe + Asura from Gozarus
  • Rest of the route like normal (at least up to RedSage?)
    • Obviously cut Silence from the route
    • Get Rouge before doing Blue (wait until Green?), then Ildon at Koorong
      • Fight Pickbird before and after Ildon
        • Probably just with Implosion
    • Do Red like normal, Blue at Mu, Green at Sei, Lion at Luminous, Ciato at Kyo, Labyrinth stuff at Yorkland
      • Absorb giant thing from big chest at Mu into W’s sword before Blue
        • Odds are I don’t need to do this, but idk what the flags are for Blue
      • Probably need to get amulets before Ciato
      • Absorb Yorkland Swamp Platyduck into W’s sword after Ciato
      • Probably need to manip Green
      • Definitely need to manip everything after Green
        • Lion 1, Ciato, Bat, Lion 2, Orlouge
    • Need to spark HeadWind onto the Asura at some point
      • TAS does it at Lion, so odds are I’ll do it then
    • Need to spark TwoGun at some point (?)
      • I can probably substitute for Implosion, but I’m not sure about damage output
    • Get two items from storage thingy in Chateau 2
      • I think a shield is in there, but idk
      • Don’t use the heal
      • BatKnight and Lion 2 manips will probably be required
        • 1-turn BatKnight
        • 7k damage to Lion 2
          • AsuraRevenge with Ildon (?)
      • Use SanctuaryStone before Orlouge
    • Orlouge
      • A, R, and I
        • Level 3 turns 1+2, end fight on Turn 3 with HeadWind
          • HeadWind, Implosion, and BladeNet can make a Level 3, but idk if it’ll deal 11k-12k
        • TA route uses Z PhantasmShot and Implosion and swaps BladeNet for GriffithScratch, so odds are I’ll do that instead of guns
          • Level 4 turns 1+2, end fight on Turn 3 with PhantasmShot>GriffithScratch


  • PSArchives route
    • clowps says that PSArchives should offer consistent RNG