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During my free time, I dance in a social VR game called VRChat under the pseudo name SkyeSage. I’ve been doing IRL ballet/contemporary/modern on-and-off since 2014. During this time, I was able to learn from, and perform alongside, high profile dancers from Ballet West and the University of Utah, and was able to become a principal dancer. In VR, I draw from my experience from both ballet and indie game design to construct my own stages, edit/create particle effects that accent the stage and/or myself, and create my own choreography (sometimes with motion capture), all in the pursuit of telling a story through movement. I’m always learning something new to push my limits beyond what I thought would be possible.

Here are all of the performances I have published to YouTube (newest to oldest):

Here are all of the performances I have created that currently don’t have video footage available (newest to oldest):

  • Silence
  • 6-Hour Challenge
  • Untitled Castlevania-themed dance
  • Randomizer Challenge
  • 無伴奏ソナタ ~Unaccompanied Sonata~
  • Ran Before the Storm

Clubs I currently dance for:

  • Club Failing Passion (12-21-2022 – today)
    • Co-owner
    • Dance Captain
  • The Boyzz (03-23-2023 – today)
    • THE BOYZZ (top dancer role, 3rd of 6 total slots)

Dance competitions and other large-scale events I’ve participated in (newest – oldest):

  • Terminus Event: World Update Reveal (08-01-2023)
  • Terminus Event: Sounds of Summer (06-20-2023)
    • First themed event for the group
    • My first performance at Terminus
  • KR:ONE Dance Competition #1 (05-27-2023)

Some other clubs I have danced for in the past, in no particular order:

  • Club Fantasy
  • Club Imperium (defunct)
  • Club Elysium Night
  • The Kingsman Manor
  • Terminus
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