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Since February 2022, I’ve been immersing myself in the captivating world of VRChat as SkyeSage. What originally captivated me about it was that the entire application thrives on user-generated content and experiences, sparking my own imagination. In October of 2022, I discovered the underground dancing scene along with the particle animation scene, reigniting my passion for dance and audiovisual animations after years of hiatus. Today, I work with Blender to craft intricate 3D models, Unity to design immersive environments, and various music production software to elevate the user experience. My specialty is in cinematic storytelling, aiming to transport audiences to new worlds existing solely in the realm of imagination. I find inspiration from the underground dance and particle animation communities, and my goal is to create experiences that not only break new ground, but also evoke powerful emotions in those who engage in them.

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Past Collabs & Clientele

  • Haí
    • Presudeos (first known dance to incorporate globally synced raymarching and screen space raytracing)
    • Shelter (an artistic reimagining of the Shelter music video, incorporating dance, an antichamber, and never-before-seen raymarching shaders)
  • Focus Entertainment
    • Introduction animation “Orbit” for Essence Dance Exhibition

Shaders + VFX

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  • Performance Archive
    • 2023
      • Volume I – Click here
        • Released on 29-02-2024, approved out of Community Labs on 05-03-2024
      • Volume II – TBA
      • Volume III – TBD
  • Visualizer-Style Worlds
  • Reuploaded Projects


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Live Dance

Performances I have published to YouTube (newest to oldest):

Performances I have created that I have yet to publish to YouTube (newest to oldest):

  • goodbye my baby
  • Shelter
  • Thriller x Everybody
  • Silence
  • Deified (6-Hour Challenge)
  • Symphony X
  • Needed Me (Randomizer Challenge)
  • 無伴奏ソナタ ~Unaccompanied Sonata~
  • Ran Before the Storm

Work Experience

Currently working at:

New Eden Interactive Logo       Pixel Paradise Logo Club D-Gen Logo

Some notable events I’ve participated in (newest – oldest):

  • Heartbeat (10-02-2024)
    • Environmental VFX Designer
    • Sponsored by Nevermet
    • Collaboration with Focus Entertainment, VRUnderground, Hyopthetical, Rift, Deviate, and TOTC
  • Awesome Animations Third Animation Showcase (09-12-2023)
  • Essence Dance Exhibition (23-10-2023)
    • Collaboration with Focus Entertainment, The Boyzz, Club Poseidon, Calibrate, and Ministry Promotions
    • Debut event for Shelter
    • Created custom intro animation “Orbit” with a motion capture dance performance
  • Terminus Event: World Update Reveal (01-08-2023)
  • KR:ONE Summer Dance Competition (27-05-2023)
    • 2nd Place Winner
    • Debut event for 無伴奏ソナタ ~Unaccompanied Sonata~

Avatar showcases I’ve participated in:

Some other clubs I have danced for in the past, in no particular order (not all are listed):

  • Club Fantasy
  • Club Imperium
  • The Kingsman Manor
  • Terminus
  • The Maddhatter’s Lounge
  • Focus Entertainment