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    First World Releasing Feb 29 @ 6 pm PST: Performance Archive I

    My first ever world is releasing on the 29th. This is volume 1 of 3 of a performance archive. This world serves to archive my particle dance performances from the year 2023, my first (and biggest) year dancing in VR. Volume 1 focuses on my very first performances when I was still learning the basic limitations of avatars in VRChat. I'm very excited for you all to see this world, I've put a lot of work into it this past month.

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    New world is live: Polyrhythm

    I've uploaded a brand new particle visualizer world! The music is from Virtual Riot. I got inspiration to make this world from someone named Vistanz on YouTube, and I significantly expanded on their original idea․ I made this world in ~10 hours (AKA I stayed up all night and didn't realize it lmao). Enjoy!

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    coming out

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    HTTPS Security Issue Fixed

    Hello, all.

    Been a while since I posted a blog post. I use Twitter more often nowadays, so if you want more frequent updates on what I'm doing, go follow me by clicking here. Anyway, for the past week, you may have noticed that every web browser has reported this site as insecure. This is because the SSL certificate for the site expired recently. Why did it take so long to fix? A) I was slow due to IRL stuff getting in the way, B) I found out today that my website came with an email server. The certificate had auto-renewed, but it didn't apply to the website due to that email discovery. By the time you're reading this, though, this will be fixed and the site will be secure again.

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    I made a forum for the site!

    There's now a whole forum for this website. Talk about my stuff, talk about SaGa, talk about modding. I don't really care as long as you're not breaking the rules, i.e. don't be mean, don't do pirate, don't do politics. ezpz

    You can go to the forums here: If you made an account on the website before today, then you already have an account on the forum.

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