SaGa Frontier – Emelia Zozma-less (DSC)

Skipping Zozma saves like 30-40 seconds idk I haven’t timed it yet (and probably won’t be able to until I find a working manip). Route will be the same as the current manip route with the exception of Trinity 1 and Forsaken Chapel (and obviously Diva). I have no clue how much additional time would be saved from this route change, but I’d guess in the ball park of an additional minute or so.

Ideally, I also make this route possible with both a hard reset (AKA slow disc speeds) and a soft reset (AKA fast disc speeds), which would save another 10-30 seconds due to load times alone. However, it could save even less since KR and WR initialization changes between platforms and their respective disc read speeds. The ultimate goal would be to make this route possible on my PSP3001 (and maybe a US PSTV), which would allow the world record to drop somewhere closer to 26:00, but would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, due to KR and WR initialization potentially relying on the system clock (it’s unknown if it does or not since no one’s bothered to analyze that in the PSP version).

3/4 DSC manip

trinity 1

  • wr flashfire, ase fiendrod

don’t give roufas fangamulet

wr magicstone (no kill = reset)

Diva – pre-routing manip predictions

  • nothing yet..

Diva – manip notes + observations

  • nothing yet..