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New SaGa Frontier PB (TOP 5 ON SRC)

I FINALLY DID IT. It was a somewhat awful run, but at least I finally did it. I am now 4th on SRC, 5th on niconico, and 9th overall. I’m on top of the world right now. The final time was 24:46. Watch the run here:

This was a pretty bad run in comparison to what I want. I had to do 3 dives in Junk Shop, I messed up several menus throughout the run, my movement in TimeLord’s Region wasn’t great, my bad movement in Magic Kingdom made me get 2 extra encounters, and my nerves made me get 1 extra encounter in Hell. I also didn’t get the best Hell’sLord fight, but it was at least decent. On the bright side, I had a relatively great Mu’s Tomb and Skulldrake fight, a very good TimeLord fight, decent RNG in Magic Kingdom and Hell in terms of the kinds and amounts of enemies I encountered, and a perfect stepping stone room. That’s the first time I’ve executed clowp’s stepping stone room strategy in a run. Almost all of my mistakes after TimeLord were solely due to nerves. I’m happy with this run, but I am by no means satisfied. I will continue to grind this category for a 22 minute time, which is definitely possible if I don’t get any extra encounters and be faster in every menu.

I hope you enjoy SaGa Frontier – Blue’s Story in 24:46!

– Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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