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New World Record in Fast Rolling Any% – 4:52.94

Hey, guys!   Happy new year! It’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I apologize for that. Recently, I’ve been speedrunning a game called Fast Rolling live on my Twitch and YouTube channels, going after the coveted world record. Well, today, it finally happened. Not only did I beat the previous world record by a […]

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New Super Mario 64 16 Star PB: 31:17.31

Hello, everyone! Last night during my live stream (which you should totally watch on Tuesday’s and Friday’s), I was able to beat my personal best in SM64 16 star not once, but twice! (To be fair, my first PB wasn’t that hard to beat in the first place) The first PB of the night was […]

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New Video: 108-in-1 eBay Cartridge

Hello, everyone!   I have finally gotten around to creating a new video for you guys! I decided to explore a 108-in-1 Game Boy cartridge I bought from eBay with a couple of my friends. The results were… Interesting, to say the least. You can watch the video through the embed below or by clicking […]

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Update Sign-Ups Open

Hello, everyone! We now have the ability to sign up to a newsletter! You can either click here or go to the side menu and click “Get Updates.” All you need to sign up is your first name (or a pseudo-name, if you want) and an email address that you want to be contacted at. […]

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Happy Pride Month!
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