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I got my first PB in SaGa Frontier – Riki’s Story

Watch the run here:  it’s really bad. i hate it a lot. gonna improve it by 20 or 30 minutes on Friday live on my stream at

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I got the Fishy2 Preview% world record again

I’ve done it again. 1:02.8 today. I have no words right now. I discovered a faster level 7 strat and I destroyed Sibley. Watch the epic run below:  – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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I got the Fishy – Fishy2 Preview% world record! 1:04.913!!!

So about a day ago, the world record for Fishy – Fishy2 Preview% was taken by Silby. That same day, I grinded for 5 hours, bringing my PB down from a 1:09 to a 1:04.913, edging out Silby for first by 0.119 seconds! It was an insane run. Watch it below:  That’s all. Just […]

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The Motocross Mania leaderboards are now on!

There isn’t much else to it. The leaderboards are up and all set up for people to submit their runs! I’m super proud of how it looks at the moment. I’m pretty sure I set everything up correctly, so let me know if something’s out of place or broken. That’s all. Just figured this was […]

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OH MY GOD I DID IT!!! I got the world record for Blue’s Story after over 1100 attempts and nearly 100 hours of practice! The new world record is 21:24, a world record by 23 seconds (I got the time wrong in the video. It’s 2 am when I’m writing this give me a break). […]

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