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I got my second-ever Asellus’ Story PB shortly after getting my first! 49:40!!!

It was a bad run in the beginning cuz I just could not dodge for the life of me. The rest of the run after Omble went fairly decent. For my first day of runs, this isn’t bad. I just need to clean up the beginning a bit, practice the end so I don’t get […]

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I made an explanation for the Emelia Showdown; what it is, how it’ll run, and how you can apply.

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I got a world record in McDonald’s eCDP! Fries Self Study in 41.016!!!

Basically nothing to this one; just memorize the answers and wait for them to appear. ‘Tis a meme run:  – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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I got a RS3 PB at Romancing SaGa Ekiden 3! 2:16:53!!!

I did not expect to PB at all; I lost 6-ish minutes at Aunas cuz I’m dumb and I wanted to play it safe. However, I clawed out of time loss hell afterwards, bringing my time loss from +8 minutes to +2 minutes 30 seconds. From there, I got first-try Destroyer, something I haven’t done […]

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I made my first SaGa Frontier mod!

It’s not really a mod, but shhhhh. This “mod” will let you run away from any battle. Yes, that includes boss fights. However, there’s a catch; every fight you run away from still increases your Battle Rank. All you have to do is apply my patch to your SaGa Frontier .bin ROM. Here’s the download […]

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