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New Super Mario 64 16 Star PB: 31:17.31

Hello, everyone!

Last night during my live stream (which you should totally watch on Tuesday’s and Friday’s), I was able to beat my personal best in SM64 16 star not once, but twice! (To be fair, my first PB wasn’t that hard to beat in the first place) The first PB of the night was a 48:09.04, which beat my previous PB by almost an hour!

Just a few runs later, I was able to PB again, this time by almost 16 minutes, bringing my PB as of today to 31:17.31:

Personally, I think this run can be greatly improved upon within a couple weeks to a mid-to-low 20-minute time, so long as I can consistently get all the basic tricks first try and complete the stages faster than I completed them in that run. Before I can break the 20-minute barrier, however, I will need to learn how to complete each star in the fastest way possible.



– Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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