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I made a forum for the site!

There’s now a whole forum for this website. Talk about my stuff, talk about SaGa, talk about modding. I don’t really care as long as you’re not breaking the rules, i.e. don’t be mean, don’t do pirate, don’t do politics. ezpz You can go to the forums here: If you made an account on […]

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Added new pages dedicated to centralizing modding info for SaGa Frontier and its remaster

Just gonna be short and sweet since the title basically says everything you need to know. SF1 SF1R kbye

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Localization Restoration Mod – version 1.0 released!

I have created a mod that restores various aspects of the original localization of this game with some help from Haledire, the scripting mastermind, and Sevon, the translation genius (and also the guy who translated The Essence of SaGa Frontier). This includes things like item names, attack names, locations, and other miscellaneous things like BUCCI. […]

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I “remastered” the first SaGa Frontier trailer!

I redid the first trailer shown for SaGa Frontier! I think it turned out really good, despite my difficulties with getting Soundtrap to do the music properly. Anyway, go watch it:  Also there’s a Soundcloud link in the video description. – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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Added a new translated page: SF1 – Damage Calculations

This page goes over some damage calculations for SaGa Frontier 1. It’s not quite as in-depth as Zaraktheus’ Data/Mechanics Guide, but it does offer some formulas that he didn’t document. You can find the page here: SaGa Frontier – Damage Calculations

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