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I got the Fishy2 Preview% world record again

I’ve done it again. 1:02.8 today. I have no words right now. I discovered a faster level 7 strat and I destroyed Sibley. Watch the epic run below:  – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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Website is back! Updates + new speedrun PBs

Hey, guys!   The website is back! My host did some funky things and locked me out for a hot minute, but we’re back now. Since then, I’ve finally started speedrunning SaGa Frontier and may or may not have gotten a 28:53 a couple weeks ago. I’m now seriously grinding the category for a top […]

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New World Record in Fast Rolling Any% – 4:52.94

Hey, guys!   Happy new year! It’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I apologize for that. Recently, I’ve been speedrunning a game called Fast Rolling live on my Twitch and YouTube channels, going after the coveted world record. Well, today, it finally happened. Not only did I beat the previous world record by a […]

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New Super Mario 64 16 Star PB: 31:17.31

Hello, everyone! Last night during my live stream (which you should totally watch on Tuesday’s and Friday’s), I was able to beat my personal best in SM64 16 star not once, but twice! (To be fair, my first PB wasn’t that hard to beat in the first place) The first PB of the night was […]

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New QoL Changes to the Website

Hello, all! I have just completed some amazing additions and changes to this site that I think y’all will thoroughly enjoy! Firstly, I changed around the color palette on the website so it works better with certain elements that I added. The colors are brighter and more pastel in nature, with text color now being […]

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