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New QoL Changes to the Website

Hello, all!

I have just completed some amazing additions and changes to this site that I think y’all will thoroughly enjoy!

Firstly, I changed around the color palette on the website so it works better with certain elements that I added. The colors are brighter and more pastel in nature, with text color now being darker to accommodate. For those of you using a browser plugin that turns everything into dark mode, don’t worry; everything looks great on that end as well. The reason for doing this is because I realized that the previous color palette didn’t work with the user profile system.

Secondly, I have overhauled the current user profile system to be more cosmetic in nature. The U.I. has been changed to look more modern and user profiles have more cosmetic items that can be displayed, such as your email, a nickname, and a description of yourself, along with your birthday and your gender if you want to change that. And if you’re worried about privacy, you can set the info to be viewed by everyone, registered members, your friends, or yourself only. WordPress does store this information, but only for the purpose of displaying it on your profile. You also have the option to download the information WordPress has stored from your account if you so choose. You may notice that there are actually two profiles that are official Flippin’ Fun Video Games profiles. The first one, michael2001, is an admin account that was included with this domain. The second one, ffvdgames, is my personal WordPress account that has the exact same permissions as michael2001. General announcements, such as this one, will come from michael2001, while personal statements will come from ffvdgames. Personal signatures will still be a thing so you know exactly who’s telling you what.

I would also like to announce that I am slowly, but surely, working on adding a newsletter system to the website through Mailchimp. The only things that will be stored through Mailchimp are your first name, your preferred email address, and your last name if you choose to provide that. This system will be used to email you about everything that I am doing, along with things you may have missed and some things I am actively promoting. You will be able to sign up through a page in the side menu once I’m finished setting everything up. Emails will be sent whenever I make a new post, update dev logs, make announcements such as this post, etc. This will be added by the end of June.

I hope you guys enjoy all these things coming your way! If you have any suggestions, feedback, or concern, feel free to shoot me an email, write me a Tweet, ping/DM me on Discord, or leave a comment on this post and I’ll do my best to respond ASAP.


Have a flippin’ awesome day!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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