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I restored a cutscene that was hidden in SaGa Frontier’s files!

I found this cutscene in the US release version of the game. Here’s my work:

The tools I used were psxfin 1.13, HxD, and CDMage. Here’s how I got everything working:

  • Edited IMF0BD.IMG’s MAP Movement code to transition to IMF350 instead of IMF008
  • Edited the spawn position so T260G would be out of frame

I do plan on making this cutscene look more like it belongs in this sequence instead of being tacked on like it is now. This initial video is more for preservation and documentation purposes than anything. I’ll update the Demo Reconstruction page at some point. I’m exhausted after watching Batora get a world record live lol

– Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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