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I got a few prototype SaGa Frontier final bosses working!

I found all of these guys from the demo version of the game that was released alongside Final Fantasy Tactics in Japan. Here’s video footage of my work:

The tools I used were psxfin 1.13, HxD, and CDMage. Here’s how I got everything working:

  • For Diva’s aggressive form and both of Hell’sLord’s forms, I just simply imported her demo file into her release file
  • For the intact version of Forsaken Chapel, I imported s053.ARC and s053.RL from the demo into s108.ARC and s108.RL from the release. s108 is another unused arena from Facinaturu/Chateau Aiguille, so I knew it wouldn’t interfere with anything. I then edited the arena that loaded for the Diva fight in EVENT2.BIN from 35 to 6C
  • For Orlouge, I had a lot of difficulty getting him functional. After an hour or two of staring at the hex, I just copied everything from the demo’s file from offset 30 to the location where release’s sprite data ends (offset 10BBF) and pasted it into release’s file, then imported it. It got him working, but it also broke some of his animations

I do plan on continuing this project to hopefully get every single prototype enemy from the demo working in both the English and Japanese releases. It will definitely be tricky as I will most likely have to make custom .ARC headers and change encounter table values in order to get everything 100% working, but I think it’s very possible. I just need to figure out some things no one has figured out before, no big deal.

– Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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