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I got one of the first world records in Fishy2

So Fishy2, the long-awaited sequel to indie hit Fishy, finally hit the market today for a whopping $10. I’ll spare you the energy and say that it is not worth that price. It’s barely worth $5 in its current state. I would either wait until the game goes on sale/the price drops, wait for a major update that fixes most of the bad stuff, or obtain a “legitimate” copy. So far, at least five other people have started doing runs of this game. I anticipate that the category I got the world record in today will not be popular at all since it’s short and easy. That category is All Beginner Levels (which will probably change once this game gets a leaderboard). Basically, the goal is to beat all the levels in the Beginner difficulty, which i did in 4 minutes and 6.87 seconds. Video proof of the run is below:

Obviously, this is a bad run for right now. It can be improved by at least 2 seconds with the current route. I don’t know if I’ll be the one to lower the world record or not, but either way, I get permanent bragging rights. I’ll update this post when Fishy2 gets an SRC leaderboard.

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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