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New World Record in Fast Rolling Any% – 4:52.94

Hey, guys!


Happy new year! It’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I apologize for that.

Recently, I’ve been speedrunning a game called Fast Rolling live on my Twitch and YouTube channels, going after the coveted world record. Well, today, it finally happened. Not only did I beat the previous world record by a country mile, I skipped sub-6 minutes and went directly to sub-5 minutes. Since I now have the world record, I no longer plan on running the game unless a major discovery about the game is revealed. Although this run was pretty good, there’s still over half a minute of time to be saved throughout the run. On top of this world record, I obtained my 9th individual level WR in the game, making me quite literally the best Fast Rolling player in the world. You can watch the Any% WR below or by clicking here:

As of writing, the run has not been approved by the moderators. I hope it happens within the next day or so. In the future, I plan on running a mix of Super Mario 64, SaGa Frontier, and Star Ocean: The Second Story. If you want to watch me attempt to PB in each game, follow my Twitter or join my Discord to be notified exactly when I go live.


Here’s to the next decade.

-Michael Shaw, Founder/President of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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