Keep Watts and Greta in Your Party

Shoutout to Sevon for helping with this page

Preparing Clear Data

First, we need to prepare the necessary clear data. This data requires that you have acquired Kamikaze, Windbreaker, and Twin Dragon, the Edelritter scenario has appeared, and the town scenario Weissland can be immediately visited.

In order to clear Weissland, you must clear Last Battle while Weissland is still in play. You can use 64thIR with SP200 to get Mushroom during Last Megalith.

Note that you can utilize the synthesis bug to acquire most of these arts by fighting very low-level enemies.

Preparation for 64thIR

Once you start with this clear data, select Weissland. In this case, you’ll have the 0 people party bug active, so you can duplicate items with via invisible Nebelstern, which is how we’ll get the 64 items needed for 64thIR.

To be more specific, take the following steps:

  1. Quick save
  2. Buy some Hyperwater and Fur at the store
  3. Fully equip invisible Nebelstern with Hyperwaters, Furs, and Ark Stones
  4. Soft reset the game and load the quick save
  5. Unequip everything from invisible Nebelstern

Now you’ve duplicated the Ark Stone while getting Hyperwater and Fur for free. From then on, repeat those steps until you have a total of 42 Ark Stones, 42 Hyperwaters, and 10 Furs. Furthermore, if you purchase 11 Fur Boots after or during the duplication process, the number of items you have will be 63.

Note that you have to spend Gustave’s money.

Item Generation and Scenario Manipulation

After finishing Weissland, select Edelritter. Note that if you go to another scenario in the middle of this, Watts’ and Greta’s abilities will change and these steps will no longer work.

Remove Watts’, Greta’s, and Sargon’s armor, which will bring your armor count to 64+, allowing you to perform 64thIR. First, set Greta’s SP to 102 (=69+5+5+10+10+3) and use the Y-value adjustment technique to convert and generate items:

  1. Fur Boots, Wood Shoes → Red Ore (Y=-73), Canary Heart (Y=-69), 3x Last Leaf (Y=-51), Anima Crystal (Y=-18)
  2. Fur → 9x Stardust Robe (Y=127)
  3. Unequip everything
  4. Empty slot → Pasture (Y=3) until all slots are filled on each character
  5. Fur, Leather Armor, Caster Cloth → 3x Elven Lyre (Y=69), Light Spear (Y=51)
  6. Empty slot → Tree Twig (Y=1) until all of them are filled

Once you’ve finished generating the items, set Watts’ SP to 174 (64+20+20+30+20+20+20) and replace Pasture with 64thIR (64+20+20+20+20) in order to get Showdown! Alexei underway.

Equipment Operation

We have to equip everyone with 3 Stardust Robes. Since you normally can’t equip multiple pieces of torso armor, we’ll use 64thIR to do so with the following steps:

  1. With Sargon, swap the Stardust Robes using 64thIR with SP73 (28+5+20+20) and with SP74 (28+5+20+1+20)
  2. Create the robes on Watts using 64thIR with SP137 (64+20+20+10+3+20) and with SP144 (64+20+20+20+20)
  3. Do the same with Greta with SP139 (69+20+30+20) and with SP140 (69+20+30+20+1)
  4. Put a Stardust Robe on all 3 people, ensuring that’s the only armor equipped
  5. Do Step 1 again, but this time to swap blank slots and with SP74 (28+5+20+20+1)
  6. Do Step 2 again, but this time to equip a robe
  7. Do Step 3 again, but this time to equip a robe with SP140 (69+20+30+20+1) and SP139 (69+20+20+20+10)
  8. Equip everyone with Last Leaf and Elven Lyre. Equip a Light Spear on Greta. Arts should be Windbreaker for all, Twin Dragon on Greta, and Kamikaze on Watts

Pre-Battle Preparation

The party order should be exactly Greta, Sargon, and Watts in that order. For the roles, leave Sargon as a decoy (default role). Now you can go to Alexei. You can fight weak enemies on the way, but avoid raising Greta’s spear level as much as possible (level 3 is too high).

Hellwinger Fight

Greta uses Twin Dragon, Watts uses Kamikaze, and Sargon uses Windbreaker. At first, there is a chance of getting mauled by an enemy combo. If that happens, heal with Water (you might want to equip Life Water just in case). When Watts has 9 LP, have him use Windbreaker. After that, just hold down the action button until the end of the battle. Once there’s only one enemy left, Greta can switch to Windbreaker to take them down faster.

To defeat Hellwinger, you need to deal 100LP damage. It will take a little bit under 5 hours if you deal 2LP damage per turn. After the fight, Watts and Greta will remain in the party beyond the scenario. However, they will leave the party in strategy battles (e.g. Buckethill, South Moundtop, etc), in Gustave 15 Years Old, and in Wil v. Egg. If you return to Edelritter, their abilities will be reset to their initial abilities. Similarly, Watts will be overwritten by William from the scenario Tycoon Wil.

Fight Tactics

In the Hellwinger fight at the quarry, the distance between you and the second enemy is medium. The rest are far away. However, after the start of the battle (before the Glider Spike?), they’ll all be far away.

Oscillation has a random chance of dealing LP damage, but can be blocked with Elven Lyre’s sonic resistance. Shout can also be blocked with it. All other attacks, except for combos, take 0 damage.

The enemy can perform a combo that targets everyone. Oscillation, Shout and/or Heavy Gale can chain into Glider Spike.

All combos except for same-speed combos can be prevented by interrupting with a low level skill speed 64 class attack. Speed 64 class attacks include long-range spear arts and beast spells and mid-range sword arts and flame spells.

You can also force the second (right-side) Hellwinger’s Glider Spike to target your second party member. Hellwinger has 50 INT, so it will aim for character number 2, Sargon, since he’s the closest. Glider Spike targets characters in this order: a character with Decoy, random, high HP, and high LP. Sargon has the highest HP in the party and has the Decoy role, so if Watts’ LP is lower than Sargon’s (if they’re the same, priority goes in party order), Sargon will almost always be targeted. The chances of each character being targeted are Greta (2-4), Sargon (5-7), Watts (1-3).

In order to efficiently generate random LP breaks, an art or skill that consumes less than or equal to the amount of SP recovered and has a high growth level is preferred. Therefore, I use Windbreaker (growth level 14) and the spear technique Twin Dragon (growth level 13) to interrupt. Spectral Shot has the highest growth level (15) when SP consumption is 10 or less, but it’s not worth the trouble of getting beast anima and its effects last too long.

Note that I have no clue what a speed 64 class attack is.