Shoutout to Sevon for helping with this page

This page is a collection of stories from experimenting with this glitch

  • Saving
    • In a situation where you can’t save but you can change equipment, you can save the game by making a blank slot at SP106
    • If you save and load during the event battle in Insect Megalith, the battle won’t load and you can move freely (i.e. collision will be disabled)
      • If you re-enter the area, you’ll have to redo the event
    • If you go to Into the Northern Continent during an event battle, nothing will happen after loading. You’ll be stuck and unable to move
  • At Caverns of Jade
    • If Gustave is still the main character for the event battle where Gustave joins mid-battle (in Gustave 15 Years Old), the cursor will only appear during Kelvin’s dialogue
    • If there’s a companion other than Gustave in the main party, the position of Gustave and the second character will be overlapping
  • Kelvin of La Mancha
    • If Kelvin is alone in the party when the event battle happens in Mother’s Sickbed, the enemy doesn’t appear
      • Originally, a slime appears and Gustave says his dialogue, but both don’t happen if Gustave isn’t there
      • In this case, only actions from Kelvin can end the battle, but all attacks will target him (with the exception of attacks that target all enemies)
        • If you kill yourself, it’s game over
  • Load command
    • The load command will appear at SP106 when you insert a blank slot via 64thIR
      • This is also possible at SP86
  • East entrance of Ruins of Hahn
    • If you use 64thIR with SP174 to get an item with an odd amount of durability, the East Entrance will be available
      • When you enter, you’ll be in front of the Anima High Priest’s room on the second floor
  • Settlement
    • If you leave the village when no event triggers are available, you can move freely (i.e. collision will be disabled)
      • The map is in the top left corner. There’s only a bag of 0CR here
  • SP107
    • If you use 64thIR with SP107, a message appears when you close the menu
      • A glitch occurs when the item you equip is nameless (e.g. the 255th item)
  • Chips
    • The amount of Chips in possession and in circulation can be negative
    • If the number of digits is large, when replacing Chips or converting them into items, the Chip amount display scrolls and it’s difficult to control
  • HP 0/0, LP 0/0
    • Maximum HP and LP can be reduced to 0 via age training and other factors
    • If your HP is 0/0, you can’t participate in duels
      • Immediately after battle, you’ll be unconscious. If you recover, you’ll revive with 0 HP and you’ll be able to move
      • If you take damage again, regardless of how much, you’ll fall unconscious again
    • If your LP is 0/0, you can’t participate in party fights
      • After a battle, your LP will be 1/0 and you can participate in future fights
      • If you join a battle with 1/0 LP and someone else acts, your LP will be back at 0/0, but it isn’t a problem
      • Naturally, you can’t recover HP using your LP
  • Bringing a non-duel character into a duel
    • There are two events where specific characters are thrown into duels: the source of the monsters in At the Mines (the character who uses “Close In”) and the optional duels against the elemental lords at The Last Megalith (the fifth character in the party)
    • I looked at what happens when you do these fights with non-dual characters (Watts, etc.):
      • At the mines, the protagonist appears instead
      • Against the elemental lords, Wil appears instead
        • He appears even if he isn’t in the party, so he can solo four of the elemental lords
        • He still appears even when you have Ginny in the 5th party slot
  • Duels versus event bosses
    • Essentially, a single person scenario can be completed with multiple people
      • In that case, running into an enemy on the map gives you the option of fighting as a party
      • Most event battles force the protagonist into a duel, but a couple of them let you fight as a party
        • In the Mother Grendel fight at Life Tree Island, you can choose party fight, but it’ll bring the choice up again, forcing you to choose duel
        • In the Anima Beast battle in Misty’s Plot, you’ll fight against green Skeletons in a party battle

Demo party reproduction

The purpose here is to replicate party compositions from the demo version. It doesn’t matter if the protagonist is different or if there are extra people in the party

The first party is Gustave, Narcisse, Greta, and Eleanor. To recruit Greta, we go to Infiltrate! Alexei Gang (173b=2), choose Narcisse, add Eleanor (143a=1, 186a=3) in Westia, switch with Narcisse at City of Night, then recruit Gustave (193b=4). The party is now complete! If you can’t choose Narcisse, put a blank in with SP174. In Westia, if you talk to Eleanor, Narcisse gets in the way, so make sure to get rid of the blank item beforehand

The second party is Gustaf, Primiera, Raymond, and Cordelia (instead of Rhea). Start with Pursuing the Egg, join the Tyler trio in Westia (193b=3, 139b=1), leave Wil, go to Infiltrate! Alexei Gang and select Cordelia (173b=4, 170b=1), talk to Alexei’s men, and then switch with Cordelia at City of Night.

It’s also theoretically possible to convert Cordelia’s name to Rhea (only on the menu screen) through the main character’s name conversion.