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Last Updated: 11/23/2021

Global Rules:

  • Timing starts upon power on and ends via the ending rules for the third game you complete
    • RS1 + RS3 + MinSaGa = seeing the game’s logo
    • RS2 = seeing a shooting star after the credits
  • Each game’s specific rules are the same as the rules stated on their respective leaderboard
  • For each game, you must defeat its respective final boss
    • You aren’t allowed to skip fighting it in any way
  • Turbo:
    • On the English version of Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, turbo is not allowed
    • For every other game, turbo is allowed due to the NicoNico Leaderboards historically allowing it
  • RNG manipulation is allowed
  • Video proof is required for all runs submitted
    • Videos that are locked behind a paywall are not allowed
  • On emulator:
    • The use of turbo, speed-up, and doing anything otherwise not possible on a real console is not allowed
  • The use of the English translation patch for the SFC Romancing SaGa games is allowed

As stated on the home page, if you would like your run to not be listed on this page, please DM me on Twitter and I will remove it ASAP.


RunnerCoTimeSystems & RegionsEnglish Patch?RNG Manip?Date Achieved
くじら🇯🇵12:56:11SFC/JP + PS2/JPNoYes29/01/2012