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Last Updated: 11/23/2021

Global Rules:

  • Timing starts upon power on and ends via the ending rules for the fourth game you complete
    • SF1: upon hearing “Opening of a Journey” after finishing the scenario
    • SF2: upon the credits music ending
    • USaGa: upon saving after the scenario’s final cutscene
    • MinSaGa: upon the game’s logo appearing at the end of the credits
  • Each game’s specific rules are the same as the rules stated on their respective leaderboard
  • Turbo:
    • On the English versions, turbo is not allowed
    • On the Japanese versions, turbo is allowed due to the NicoNico Leaderboards historically allowing it
  • RNG manipulation is allowed
  • Video proof is required for all runs submitted
    • Videos that are locked behind a paywall are not allowed
  • On emulator:
    • The use of turbo, speed-up, and doing anything otherwise not possible on a real console is not allowed

As stated on the home page, if you would like your run to not be listed on this page, please DM me on Twitter and I will remove it ASAP.


RunnerCoTimeSystem & RegionProtagonistsRNG Manip?Date Achieved
cl_op_s🇯🇵9:00:34PS2 SCPH-90000/JPEmelia, Judy, GrayNo24/11/2012
Clutchon🇯🇵10:27:19PS2/JPEmelia, Judy, AishaNo23/11/2012
koppa_tbh🇯🇵10:36:20PS2 SCPH-90000/JPT260G, Armic, ClaudiaNo02/06/2012