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Last Updated: 9/6/2021

Global Rules:

  • Time starts upon selecting “New Game” and ends upon “See you again” (“シーユーアゲイン”) being displayed
  • Super Game Boy is allowed
  • Turbo:
    • On the English version, turbo is not allowed
    • On the Japanese version, turbo is allowed due to the NicoNico Leaderboards historically allowing it
  • Video proof is required for all runs submitted
    • All videos must have a timer displayed on screen
    • Videos that are locked behind a paywall are not allowed
  • On emulator:
    • The use of turbo, speed-up, and doing anything otherwise not possible on a real console is not allowed
  • The English patch is allowed for runs

Category Rules:

  • Any% Glitchless
    • The usage of glitches is not allowed
    • RNG manipulation is allowed
    • Only soft resets are allowed
      • Skipping encounters via soft reset is not allowed

For TA Runs:

  • In-game time is used. Time ends in two different places:
    • When “See you again” (“シーユーアゲイン”) is displayed (the important one)
    • The final time on the save file before facing Creator (the not important one)
  • A written route with your notes is required for all runs submitted
    • You must also provide exact stats for things like damage dealt, combo order, equipment changes, etc.
  • Video proof is not required, though it helps strengthen the veracity of your run
  • Turbo is allowed

Note that the records for TA runs may be inaccurate due to how old the records are. If a time is missing that should be on there, DM me on Twitter with a link to the run’s route and I’ll add it ASAP.

As stated on the home page, if you would like your run to not be listed on this page, please DM me on Twitter and I will remove it ASAP.


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