Last update: 7/5/2021

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Required Software

For manual editing:

For BNE editing (preferred method):

Creating a Patch:

Skill Table Layout

BaccaratTblData.bin has three different tables for skill properties, each serving its own purpose. The layout within it and their hex offsets are as follows:

  • Skill Table 1: 0x52E4
  • Skill Table 2: 0x2EDC
  • Linked Skills: 0x874E

There is also one additional table that specifically controls combo receive data, though its exact layout and formatting is still being worked on. I will update this page with a section on that table once I understand how it works and how to precisely change it.

Extracting the File and Editing Stuff

Do note that there are two BaccaratTblData.bin files with two different Path ID’s. The first one controls the English text version, which has a Path ID of 1234. The other one controls the Japanese text version, which has a Path ID of 574. These Path IDs do vary between game versions, but not by much. Just remember that the one with a Path ID in the 1000’s is for English and the other one is for Japanese. I recommend extracting and editing both files, but you’re free to only edit the file that applies to the language you want.

Also note that this file came from the American version of the original game.

  1. Create a backup of resources.assets. This is located in the SaGa Frontier Remastered_Data folder in the game’s directory. You will need 150 megabytes of free storage space to do this
    • It’s best to have this backup made to use for testing the mod so you can revert your changes in case of an emergency and have a clean copy to reference. 
  2. Open UABE and load your resources.assets file
    • File > Open > Locate your resources.assets file > select 2019.2
  3. Locate a file called BaccaratTblData.bin and extract it to a .txt file
    • View > Search by name > Type in “BaccaratTblData” > select BaccaratTblData.bin > Plugins > Export to .txt > Select a directory to save the file in and save it. Be sure to save a backup
    • Note: this file is a source file from the original game. Please do not distribute this file.

Since this file was used to construct the executable for the original game, I’m not going to repeat what I said here. Instead, I’ll link to what I wrote for the original game. Just replace any hex addresses mentioned with the ones listed above. Do note that some things like Skill Table 2 might not be able to be edited properly in the remaster. Ignore the “Importing and Testing Your Modifications” section on that page as it does not apply to the remaster.

Importing and Testing Your Modifications

  1. Follow the steps for extraction described above until you reach step 3
  2. Locate BaccaratTblData.bin and import a .txt file
    1. View > Search by name > Type in “BaccaratTblData” > select BaccaratTblData.bin > Plugins > Import from .txt > Select your modified BaccaratTblData.bin file
  3. Select OK and save your new resources.assets file somewhere
  4. Move your modified resources.assets file into the SaGa Frontier Remastered_Data folder, overwriting the original resources.assets
    • This is why we made a backup before beginning the modding process

And you’re done! If you ran into any issues with this tutorial, hop on over to the Modern SaGa Modding Discord and the other modders and myself can help you out.

If you are satisfied with your changes and would like to distribute your mod, click here for a tutorial on how to make a patch file. I recommend you use PPF Studio, but you can use whichever patch standard you want. I recommend that you create a patch for BaccaratTblData.bin specifically, though you can create a patch for a vanilla resources.assets file if you want as we’re not adding or removing any bytes with these mods. Be sure to make a patch for all vanilla versions of the game to ensure maximum compatibility if you do make a patch for resources.assets