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0x00 Slash Linked
0x01 HardSlash Linked AoE
0x02 Thrust Linked
0x03 Tremor 0xF0 Linked AoE
0x04 Feint AoE
0x05 Tail AoE
0x06 OgreRun AoE
0x07 Unused AoE
0x08 TitasWave 0xA0 AoE
0x09 Spore AoE
0x0A SeedVulcan AoE
0x0B GasFlame Linked AoE
0x0C FireBreath 0xC2 Linked AoE
0x0D ArcticBreath 0xC4 Linked AoE
0x0E BoltBreath Linked AoE
0x0F StinkGas AoE
0x10 PoisonGas AoE
0x11 Needles AoE; PainPowder also uses this, but PainPowder has no AoE so it does nothing
0x12 SleepGas AoE
0x13 Unused AoE
0x14 Beat 0x8F AoE
0x15 Pheromone AoE
0x16 SpiderNet AoE
0x17 SpinAttack AoE
0x18 Blaster AoE
0x19 Supersonic AoE
0x1A Unused
0x1B Beat 0x8F Linked
0x1C Graviton 0x117 AoE
0x1D Vulcan 0x1E8 AoE
0x1E CentipedeCrush AoE
0x1F Empty Slot Precludes accessing the linked/aoe skill table at all, thus any values in slot 0x1F can’t actually be used.