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New Kawazu tweet regarding Asellus from during the concert

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After losing White Rose in the Dark Labyrinth, the original scenario was that a cowardly (TN: emotionally destroyed?) Asellus would be abandoned by her friends and wander around the Regions by herself. I gave up on that scenario because the battles weren't interesting and I didn't think I could win by myself.

This is super interesting. So now we have a more clear timeline of events for Asellus' scenario post-DL:

  1. Completely alone wandering in sorrow. Most likely would meet up with Ildon again after some event
  2. Wandering in sorrow with Princess Red Rose (possibly with Zozma), then maybe reuniting with Ildon afterward
  3. Wandering around with Zozma (Mystic Visit), then meeting up with Ildon afterward
  4. The current game

Gonna add this to the Content Differences doc right now.