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Famitsu Lot 8/25/21 - Initial Image Summary + Brief Thoughts

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Starting tomorrow, I'll be going through all these issues, scanning all the SaGa Frontier pages, and putting them on the site. For now, here's a summary of the information I've obtained from the images alone (and some bits from the text).

Famitsu 398

  • The part of the upscaled version of page 115 that i thought was explaining the cloning system was actually talking about how CG models were made
  • Koorong concept art + wireframe o/ screen w/ inn
    • Circular structure with multiple levels
    • Central hub thingy w/ Cygnus in the middle
  • Chateau Aiguille entrance + coffin room
    • Painting on the wall, could be Count?
  • Shingrow outdoor arena + hallway
    • Full renders
  • Full view of beta Koorong screen w/ inn
  • Pics of beta Junk
  • Concept art of Lute's House
  • Pics of the unknown cave area w/ more unseen screens (either Natural Cave or some part of Nelson)
  • Multiple frames of Crimson Flare
    • Forest-y area with leaf-like overhang (ca1) and dead trees as stage + background
    • Could be Swamp, Margmel
  • Beta Riki's battle sprite facing backwards
  • Stills of VermilionSand from trailer
  • T260G casting CrimsonFlare and comboing into Emelia casting something in Magic Example arena
    • Probably VermilionSand
  • 5 big renders of Blue poses
  • Same combo setup but now in Shingrow
  • Pic of Blue in Junk standing near a house
  • Same combo setup but finishing and showing 13,574 damage
  • Table explaining races
    • Bogy = Mystic
  • Interview with Kawazu, Ishii, and Tsuda
    • Sevon says nothing much here, but Ishii did confirm that SaGa Frontier was originally a Mana game and that he didn't wanna talk about what it was
    • I'll translate this later
    • More screenshots in Koorong, Yorkland, and Junk sprinkled around + battle screenshots in Yorkland and Shingrow

Famitsu 419

  • Beta Riki leaving Margmel
  • New render of Beta Fuse in the party section
    • This part could be just explaining how the party system works, hence why Thyme is here. Could still mean he was recruitable, but who knows
  • Blue in Swamp with no eyes and a wooden gate thingy at the cave entrance
  • T260G being revived without Taco present
  • Final Riki outside Sei's Tomb
    • Odds are Swamp used to be here, but that's purely speculation
  • Emelia in Beta Despair/Warden's Area
  • Red wandering around Crater
    • Could Junk have been open to everyone back then?
  • Red entering the Scrap Pub through the entrance map
  • Beta Lute next to T260G in final Scrap Pub
    • Rose is standing next to Lute for some reason. Were both Rose and Thyme recruitable at some point?
  • Beta Riki to the right of final spot
  • T260G in Junk rev2
    • No stairs leading outside to hub map
    • Final Combat Arena Bar shown
  • Red in Taco's house with Rose and Thyme
  • Blue in never-before-seen Shingrow Ruins screen
  • Red in Yorkland
    • Before the sprite scaling was applied
  • Beta Riki in Overt Academy
  • T260G in empty Devin
  • More renders of main and side characters
  • Battle screenshots in Beta Despair, Crater, and Beta Shingrow
    • HideRune, LocomotionG, GiantSwing, Fist, Implosion, Paralyzer, SharpShot, T260's anti-gravity gun thing, Bit
    • Beta Triangle stat screen
      • Only the stats boxes showed up, camera stayed static w/ no overlays or sprite repositioning

Famitsu Bros. 1997 1

  • Very large renders of characters that were in 419
  • Beta Riki in T260G's death place
  • Various battle screens we've already seen
  • Elder's Room concept art zoomed in on Scrap portal
  • Some neat custom art
    • Ded T260G, Silence being flustered and cute and the best character, Beta Fuse with a sword

Famitsu 443

  • Beta Shuzer Base fight, Shuzer
    • Beta sprite positions, already seen in the demo
  • Beta party menu in Cygnus, Roufas' room
    • Location set to Shuzer Base for some reason
    • Filled with characters, most likely debug and not people you could've recruited during the hijacking
    • Nakey pants Lute, so these screenshots are most likely from March 1997
  • Red running around in Shingrow
    • Arena fights with Alkaiser + MaskCat, Shadow outside of battle
  • Beta Giant sprite
    • Basically a skeleton with a metal hood and one big green eye