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New Fishy World Record

A bit of context: the developer of Fishy, Keron Veal, released an update for the first Fishy today. In this update, he added a mode that brings in 10 levels from Fishy2. I decided it would be a great use of my quarantine time to spend four hours on getting the world record for completing […]

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New SaGa Frontier PB (TOP 5 ON SRC)

I FINALLY DID IT. It was a somewhat awful run, but at least I finally did it. I am now 4th on SRC, 5th on niconico, and 9th overall. I’m on top of the world right now. The final time was 24:46. Watch the run here:  This was a pretty bad run in comparison […]

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Website is back! Updates + new speedrun PBs

Hey, guys!   The website is back! My host did some funky things and locked me out for a hot minute, but we’re back now. Since then, I’ve finally started speedrunning SaGa Frontier and may or may not have gotten a 28:53 a couple weeks ago. I’m now seriously grinding the category for a top […]

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I improved my first Fishy2 WR

Like the title says, I improved that world record on an offline run. There were a few optimizations that I discovered watching flarebearSR run All Levels (he’s the current WR holder for that btw). Most of the time save was in the extra levels at the end since I figured out you can make the […]

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New Video: 108-in-1 eBay Cartridge

Hello, everyone!   I have finally gotten around to creating a new video for you guys! I decided to explore a 108-in-1 Game Boy cartridge I bought from eBay with a couple of my friends. The results were… Interesting, to say the least. You can watch the video through the embed below or by clicking […]

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