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I got my first Romancing SaGa 3 PB in Any% NMG! 2:46:14!!!

I finally got my first PB. It’s a bad run, but a very solid first PB. I lost 15 minutes to my SOB I got the other day, so that plus however much time I lost cuz either the game was dumb or I was dumb means I can get sub-2 if I have a […]

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I got a (bad) PB in Riki’s Story! 1:13:04

This run was so bad. Basically I only saved time to a better beginning, a generally cleaner Mosperiburg, and having faster text due to playing on JP. My biggest time losses were mouse, DevilSquid, graveyard, and MasterRing. This run puts me in 11th overall now. Watch the run here:  – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of […]

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I got another PB in Riki’s Story! 1:23:55!!!

So I saved all the time I said I would and shot up 4 places overall. I’m now 13th overall, but still 4th on cuz 3rd is a 1:09 by cha0s. I’m okay with this run, even though I made tons of mistakes throughout and was relatively slow with equips. It was under the […]

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OH MY GOD I DID IT!!! I got the world record for Blue’s Story after over 1100 attempts and nearly 100 hours of practice! The new world record is 21:24, a world record by 23 seconds (I got the time wrong in the video. It’s 2 am when I’m writing this give me a break). […]

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2nd SaGa Frontier PB in a Row – 23:14

I got a back-to-back PB! I did not expect this to happen at all. I can still save a bunch of time in Magic Kingdom and Hell to getting fewer encounters. Watch the run here:  That’s all I wanted to say. I’m speechless. – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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