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Category: saga frontier

I got a PB out of nowhere doing derust runs for Riki! 1:08:36!!!

I don’t know how I did it, but I did. I bopped cha0s out of nowhere. This was my second run of the day as well. This run can still be improved; I lost a lot of time due to not having played in 3 months and just making stupid mistakes. Here’s the run:  […]

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I’m hosting an Emelia speedrun tournament!

Anyone is free to enter, so long as either a) you already have a personal best in the category, or b) you will get a personal best before the competition. It will take place during a weekend in January, but the date hasn’t been set in stone yet as I want to make sure almost […]

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I made my first SaGa Frontier mod!

It’s not really a mod, but shhhhh. This “mod” will let you run away from any battle. Yes, that includes boss fights. However, there’s a catch; every fight you run away from still increases your Battle Rank. All you have to do is apply my patch to your SaGa Frontier .bin ROM. Here’s the download […]

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I completed my first Emelia run – 28:41!!!

I DID IT!!! FIRST RUN OUTSIDE OF JAPAN TO USE RNG MANIP! I’m happy and mad cuz this would have been a new world record if my PS2 didn’t freeze so much from getting too hot. I’m still super happy with this run regardless, cuz my gameplay was really good. Here’s the run:  I’m […]

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I did the Diva manip again on the livestream!!!

I’ll just post the link since it speaks for itself, really: First Diva RNG Manip performed LIVE – FFVD_Games on Twitch FFVD_Games went live on Twitch. Catch up on their SaGa Frontier VOD now. – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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