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Category: saga frontier

I got my 2nd T260G PB and it was pretty good until the end. 1:09:59!

Yeah I’m mad. This should have been a free 1:06:XX if GenocideHeart went as expected, which it didn’t. I had to take an extra turn on the final shift, causing me to lose V-MAX for what should have been the final turn. I took an extra 3 minutes killing him just because I didn’t have […]

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I got my first ever T260G PB! 1:14:20!!!

This honestly wasn’t a bad run for my first ever run of the category. All I need to do to save time is work on the dodges, which I already knew I needed to do. Once I get the dodges down for the most part, sub-1:05 should be free, especially if I get lucky and […]

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I made a Discord server so you can help the hunt for the SaGa Frontier TGS ’96 demo.

Title says it all. If you want to help in the search or just simply want to be updated as soon as I find things, please join the server. – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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I got my second-ever Asellus’ Story PB shortly after getting my first! 49:40!!!

It was a bad run in the beginning cuz I just could not dodge for the life of me. The rest of the run after Omble went fairly decent. For my first day of runs, this isn’t bad. I just need to clean up the beginning a bit, practice the end so I don’t get […]

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Emelia Showdown – Main Trailer

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