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Category: saga frontier

I am now the first person outside of Japan to achieve RNG Manipulation in the Diva fight RTA!!!

YOOOOOOO I DID IT! I’ve been grinding this out and learning it for at least four days now and I finally did it showing it off to my brother. I’m super happy that this is actually possible. Watch the manip here:  – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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I got the first sub-40 outside of Japan in Lute’s Story!!!

I FINALLY GOT THE SUB-40! HELL YEAH, DUDE! I just randomly decided to stream today and it happened. Oh my god. I reset twice in Shingrow cuz both me and the game are stupid, then twice in Mondo Base cuz I’m really stupid, but the rest of the run was near perfect. I even golded […]

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SaGa Frontier – Points Leaderboard

I would like to reveal what I’ve been putting together for the past month or so. Introducing the SaGa Frontier Points Leaderboard! The goal of this leaderboard is to rank runners based on where they place in individual categories and award them points based on their placement in a category. As of writing, the maximum […]

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So I got 2 more PB’s in SaGa Frontier

Honestly, I completely forgot to post my Lute PB, so here ya go:  Anywho, I also just got a new PB in Riki’s Story. It was an okay run, but I lost 7+ minutes to RNG alone. I’m going to improve this run by a lot. Anyway, here’s the run:  – Michael Shaw, […]

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I got my first PB in SaGa Frontier – Riki’s Story

Watch the run here:  it’s really bad. i hate it a lot. gonna improve it by 20 or 30 minutes on Friday live on my stream at

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