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I got a few prototype SaGa Frontier final bosses working!

I found all of these guys from the demo version of the game that was released alongside Final Fantasy Tactics in Japan. Here’s video footage of my work:  The tools I used were psxfin 1.13, HxD, and CDMage. Here’s how I got everything working: For Diva’s aggressive form and both of Hell’sLord’s forms, I […]

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I got my first Red PB yesterday! 1:27:54!!!

Not a terrible place to start from considering I made some very large and very stupid mistakes throughout the run, but the hard parts were actually kinda decent. I just need to not be stupid next run and it’ll be an ezpz 1:22 at least. Anyway, here’s the run:  – Michael Shaw, President/Founder of […]

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The Emelia Showdown is officially over!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I’m super happy this event went so well. I was not expecting to hit 25 viewers on day 1 and then 30 on day 2. I also wasn’t expecting for not one, not two, but three of the four runners to get new personal bests. I also also wasn’t expecting the finals to be […]

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I got my 2nd T260G PB and it was pretty good until the end. 1:09:59!

Yeah I’m mad. This should have been a free 1:06:XX if GenocideHeart went as expected, which it didn’t. I had to take an extra turn on the final shift, causing me to lose V-MAX for what should have been the final turn. I took an extra 3 minutes killing him just because I didn’t have […]

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I got my first ever T260G PB! 1:14:20!!!

This honestly wasn’t a bad run for my first ever run of the category. All I need to do to save time is work on the dodges, which I already knew I needed to do. Once I get the dodges down for the most part, sub-1:05 should be free, especially if I get lucky and […]

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