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New Video & Updates!

Hello all!

I have just released a new video on my YouTube channel! It’s a Reddit 50/50 challenge video. Hope you enjoy!

I’ll update you on what’s happening in my life while you’re still here. Currently, we have plans to make an offer on three different houses. Our first pick is in a bidding war, our second one will most likely sell in our favor, and the third one is a last resort. Each house has their own perks, but some are less-how should I put this-“broken-y” than others.

I’m also going on a camping trip with a group of friends in Moab, Utah! I’m going to be doing some rafting, zip lining, and driving with my squad! I will be vlogging the trip, so expect a Moab vlog within the next week!

Side note: I am posting a vlog about the trip tomorrow.

Have fun doing what you’re doing!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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