Supper Time Dev Log

Developer’s log is listed in reverse chronological order. That is, newest entries are first to appear.

9/6/2019 – 8-9 pm

7/5/2019 – 6-6:30 pm

  • Fleshed out Joseph’s stage selection script
    • It’s surprisingly a lot simpler that the character select script, which I should revamp at some point

6/18/2019 – 8-10 pm

  • Worked more on UI
    • Updated the fonts on all the text
      • Switched from Arial and Autumn to Commando
    • Primarily the settings menu UI since it’s just stock Unity stuff at the moment
      • Realigned everything to be cleaner
      • Created new apply and reset buttons
      • Updated the text to Commando
      • Added a custom checkmark for all the toggles
      • Added a custom pickle chip for the slider handles
    • Updated the character selection menu slightly
      • Moved the cancel button to encompass the entire selection grid
      • Moved the FIGHT button to world space so it renders behind the characters
        • Also found out you can interact with buttons in world space, even with 3D models in the way, which is sick
  • Progress so far:

6/11/2019 | 5, 8 – 10 pm

  • Full Livestream VOD (had to be split up because my streaming software broke midway through the stream)
    • 1
    • 2 (is only 6 min long and doesn’t contain anything substantial)
    • 3
  • Updated the intro animatic song slightly
    • Changed around some instruments and their timings and some notes
    • Added a pad
  • Progress on that:
  • Got started stylizing the character select screen
    • Mostly used images from the dummy mockup
    • Had to make 6 new icons for the fighters since I only made 3 beforehand
    • Changed the script so, when a player selects “random,” it doesn’t switch to the random character
      • Also switched the capsule with a 3D canvas that has a question mark on it similar to the text icon
  • Progress so far:

6/10/2019 | 7 – 10:20 am, 11:05 am – 1:10 pm

  • Begun work on actually making the intro animatic song (shouldn’t be done in Soundtrap on my laptop, but I don’t know any other program and I don’t exactly trust the WST computers to handle much, so screw it)
    • I decided that the other one that I made a few days ago would make for a good credits song
      • I don’t know if I’m going to round it out with the rest of the song or leave it as is quite yet
    • Inspired by this anime OP cuz I really like the music and the visual style of it
      • And I’m also gonna maybe include some references to it cuz memes and it’s a visually pleasing anime
    • Decided to make it kind of a hype vintage remix of the original main theme song
      • Based it off of some elements from the credits song
    • The only super hard part was writing the drums and writing the last section
      • Writing MIDI drums is hard and I don’t know how to play drums, so it’s even harder to get a good drum line
      • The last section is 5/4 instead of 4/4, and Soundtrap likes 4/4 a lot, so it was hard working with it for 5/4
        • Luckily, I wrote sheet music for the main theme, so I didn’t have to work as hard to get the timings right
        • At least I got to round it back to 4/4, which was kinda hard and I did it in a weird, cop-out way
          • Just extended the ending to fit back into 4/4 and had it climax so I could hide it
        • Soundtrap also decided to be a cunt and unfreeze half my tracks and not work properly
          • Sometimes it even unfroze all of them, forcing me to spend another 10 min freezing them again
          • It was a struggle to even play the song
    • Removed all the reverb from every track cuz I want it to sound super tight, not echo-y
      • The only flow-y part in it will be the same as in the main theme song
    • I somehow managed to finish it
      • Makes sense since most of the work was already done for me, I just had to put things into place in the right way
      • Somehow, it reminds me of the Wii Sports theme song
        • Probably because I have multiple instruments doing the same thing in different octaves and the genre and chord style are very similar
  • Progress as of 10:20 am (length is about 1:48):
  • Transferred all my files that I worked on for the project to two USB drives to be submitted to some thingy
    • It’s required by Bremerton, so I have to do it
    • Had to wait all class to get it transfered cuz write speeds from a USB3 HDD to a USB2 thumb drive are ass

6/6/2019 | 11:05 am – 1:10 pm

  • Begun work on making the intro animatic song
    • I want it to be more retrowave than anything
    • I also want it to be based off of the orchestral main theme that I arranged
  • I’m actually conflicted if this should be the intro animatic or the credits song
    • It sounds like a song you would hear on Rainbow Road, but also it could work as a intro
    • I decided to add some more high energy stuff to it so it sounds more hype than like a closure
  • Some things I’m gonna do for the time being:
    • Add the Smash Bros. Melee announcer scream at the end until I get Xander’s recording of him screaming Supper Time
    • Add the actual main theme at the end so people know what it’ll sound like in-game
    • Cut it short a bit so I can gauge reactions and see if the team wants it longer or if it’s fine the way it is at the moment
  • Progress so far:

6/5/2019 | 11:15 am – 1:10 pm

  • Begun work on the intro animatic
    • The first intro cutscene is just teasing stuff, this next one will show more gameplay and introduce the characters
    • Watched a ton of fighting game intros to get inspiration
  • Decided to make a whole new song just for this
    • Got a basic loop down that people like

6/4/2019 | 11:30 am – 1:10 pm

  • Updated the Intro Cutscene on YouTube to include the sunbursts
    • Apparently I uploaded the wrong version of the cutscene. Whoops:

  • Got back to work on fixing the menu animations
    • Decided to use the Any State function in the Animator and it made everything so much cleaner
    • I somehow got it to work
      • I had some pretty poor variable management, so I made it slightly better and it fixed everything
  • Exported the main menu to a package so Xander can use it in his version of the project
    • He has the fighting part of it, so he’ll need it to set up character selection and transitioning to the fighting scenes

6/3/2019 | 9 – 9:55 am & 11:15 am – 12:55 pm

  • Continued work on the intro animation
    • I’m making kind of a 3D effect where the characters and the background move based on their position
      • Since the West Sound Tech computers don’t have Hitfilm installed, I had to use my laptop, which wasn’t the best experience
    • Decided to have the fight scene pan inwards towards Mistress Maple
      • Even added a blur effect to Big Kaiser and Count Legume so it looks like the camera is moving forward
    • Made a super quick mockup of a trophy out of some clipart
      • Also colored some stock image of an outreaching hand
    • Decided to go back and add a sunburst to each scene
      • Everything looks much better now, and it was super fast and easy to add
        • Literally just a blank image that I masked to look like a sunburst
        • I’m most likely going to redo the settings menu like this since it’s pretty low res right now
  • I somehow managed to finish it with zero problems
    • Ideally, I want to be able to do this with 3D models so it’s more adaptive and so I have more control over everything
  • Progress so far:

6/2/2019 | 7 – 10 pm

  • Fixed a problem where the introductory animation wouldn’t play properly
    • It kinda played both the intro and the static menu animation at the same time
    • Fixed by adding some more checks and a secondary static that plays before the intro
  • Got started on fixing the bug where the menu would break after entering another menu
    • I got nowhere with it
  • Got started on the introduction animation
    • Got 3/4 through making an outline in Hitfilm
      • Every fighter is Goku since I don’t have good concept art for all of the characters yet
  • Progress so far:

5/30/2019 | 11:06 am – 1:10 pm

  • Continued work on the menu animations
    • Finally got around to programming yesterday’s animation and it works like magic
      • It even fixed the UI bug detailed yesterday, which is super awesome
    • Made an introductory animation that puts the main menu and logo into place
      • Got a new bug where the leave animation would play before the hover animation
        • Didn’t end up having enough time to finish debugging. I got nowhere with it, anyway

5/29/2019 | 12:05 – 1:10 pm

  • First day working on this in place of the LEGO Bossfight
  • Got to work adding more animations to the menu
    • Partially to make it look better, partially to fix a bug where the buttons stay in their position after being pressed:

    • I only had time to make an animation that plays when the player makes a choice. Didn’t have time to program it