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Category: romancing saga 3

I got a RS3 PB at Romancing SaGa Ekiden 3! 2:16:53!!!

I did not expect to PB at all; I lost 6-ish minutes at Aunas cuz I’m dumb and I wanted to play it safe. However, I clawed out of time loss hell afterwards, bringing my time loss from +8 minutes to +2 minutes 30 seconds. From there, I got first-try Destroyer, something I haven’t done […]

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I got my second Romancing SaGa 3 Any% NMG PB! 2:21:18!!!

FINALLY! AFTER 5 WEEKS OF PAIN AND TORTURE AND ENDLESS RESETS, I FINALLY PULLED IT TOGETHER! This run was alright, but I threw away maybe 20-25 min to a mixture of bad dodging, messing up equips, and messing up fights. If I had a nearly reset-less run and go first try fights, I could get […]

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I got my first Romancing SaGa 3 PB in Any% NMG! 2:46:14!!!

I finally got my first PB. It’s a bad run, but a very solid first PB. I lost 15 minutes to my SOB I got the other day, so that plus however much time I lost cuz either the game was dumb or I was dumb means I can get sub-2 if I have a […]

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