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I made the first speedrun of Motocross Mania!

Hello, all! I made the very first speedrun of a game called Motocross Mania. It’s a motorcycle racing game released in 2001 for the PS1. There is a PC version, but it’s wildly different from the PS1 version, which is why I make a distinction between the two. As of writing, there is no leaderboard […]

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New Fishy World Record

A bit of context: the developer of Fishy, Keron Veal, released an update for the first Fishy today. In this update, he added a mode that brings in 10 levels from Fishy2. I decided it would be a great use of my quarantine time to spend four hours on getting the world record for completing […]

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New SaGa Frontier PB (TOP 5 ON SRC)

I FINALLY DID IT. It was a somewhat awful run, but at least I finally did it. I am now 4th on SRC, 5th on niconico, and 9th overall. I’m on top of the world right now. The final time was 24:46. Watch the run here:  This was a pretty bad run in comparison […]

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