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Leonard Project

Huge shoutouts to knbnitkr (Oyatsu_co), nekosaga, MysticLord, Delta_Inferno, and the greater SaGa Frontier hacking community (namely Mir_Vimes, Eroneous_Waylay, and Zaraktheus) for helping me with this project. The work they’ve accumulatively put in over the past decade and a half is astounding. This project would be impossible without them.

Leonard Project is a ROM hack of SaGa Frontier. The goal of this project is to allow speedrunners of this game to experiment with equipment, combos, and movement strategies as easily as Usamune and gz, both on an emulator and on original hardware. With this project, you can:

  • Teleport to any map in the game (including the debug room)
  • Put anything in your inventory and anyone in your party
  • Edit each party member’s stats, including spark and absorb chances
  • See the game’s RNG calculations
  • See the hitboxes of everything, including yourself
  • And much more!

This ROM hack is available for both the English and Japanese versions of SaGa Frontier in both English and Japanese. Currently, the only Japanese version supported is SLPS-00898.

This project is an active work-in-progress by a one-man team, with additional help from MysticLord and Delta_Inferno. People are more than welcome to contribute their knowledge or hardware to help further advance this project.

As of writing, this project is not yet ready for a public release. If you want to know the instant a public release is ready or you want to help test the beta releases of this project, go ahead and join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/DABtwzc

If you want to see a complete log of all the work I have done on this project, then click here: https://www.ffvdgames.com/leonard-project-developers-log/