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Leonard Project – Developer’s Log

This is the log for the development of the Leonard Project. I will detail the work I have done on the project on any given day on this page.


  • Added a “Runaway” option to battles
    • Converted the JP patch from Wandel Raum to work on US BATTLE.ARC
    • Still increases the BP
  • Questions:
    • Still don’t know where the game sets RegionMap completion
    • Still don’t know how to uncensor the weird RegionMap names
    • How can I make “Runaway” not contribute to BP while still functioning like normal?


  • Set Trinity Base to go to 2nd Division
  • Set HQ to take you to the inside entrance next to the NPC that heals you
  • Questions:
    • I still don’t know where the RegionMap completion bytes are
    • How does US censor the original labels but JP doesn’t
      • even the jp labels would be good enough for 0.1, just something other than IRPO or a blank slot

10/9 – 10/2020:

  • Edited INITDATA – INI4DATA to include the RegionMap equipped to every main character (excluding Blue) via SnakeOil
    • it was p easy to get that part done
  • Set Margmel to take you to the debug room without the Gameshark code
    • Edited SCUS starting at 0x0144CE to be “E0 02 A0 00 00 00”
    • This took a bit more research since it’s RAM watching and converting to a real offset in SCUS and no one’s done it before
  • Fixed Despair to send you to the inside entrance
    • I think I figured out how to read where some RegionMap things are
  • Fixed RB-3 (DoomsdayMachine) to send you to the giant area with the loud lazers
  • Set Baccarat to take you to the map where the manhole is open
  • Set Shingrow to take you to the port instead of outside the Ruins
  • Questions:
    • How the hell do I set the RegionMap to be 100% complete
    • How do I figure out which RAM location corresponds to which RegionMap area