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LEGO Project

Criteria: You will be given 20 Hours to work on the project. It will be broken up into 1 hour segments. Part of your grade will be keeping track of hours and the progress of your work.  Keep screen shots and document your time.   There will be 20 Quests.  Each quest is worth 20 points toward “The Everything is Awesome Boss Fight”. Each day there will be a timer for the boss fight.

Chosen Project: Create a Unity project with a Lego themed start up menu and tutorial screens.

5/17/2019 – Hour 4 (11:30 am – 12:30 pm)

  • Added this song as background music
    • Since the school network blocks mp3 downloaders, I had to use my laptop on a mobile hotspot to get it downloaded and into my project
    • Decided it would be best to have LEGO video game music in this as a sort of homage
    • Also changed the lighting to night just to match this piece
      • Had to change some UI colors to make things readable, but it looks much better than it did when it was day lighting
  • Started laying out the tutorial
    • Decided to just have a still image showing the controls of a would-be game
      • (would-be = LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga)
    • If I have the time, I want to make it detect what kind of input system is plugged in and display a different tutorial for each controller type
      • I’m gonna make extra images just in case I do happen to have the time to code that
  • Progress so far:

5/16/2019 – Hour 3 (11:15 am – 12:15 pm)

  • Made some neat-o buttons for the game
    • They’re really just pictures of LEGO bricks that I changed the hue of in Photopea
  • Downloaded this font to create a real theme for the “game”
    • It was a pain in the butt to change all of my text to this font, but I did it nonetheless
  • Progress so far:

5/15/2019 – Hour 2 (11:34 am – 12:34 pm)

  • Begun work on the settings menu layout
    • I plan on only including an option to change audio settings, toggle fullscreen, and change resolution today
      • Eventually, I’ll include an option to change the graphics preset, but not today
    • I won’t script it today because I have other plans
  • Found this baseplate model to use as the ground
    • I don’t have the time to model a baseplate so this is my next best thing
    • Converted it from .stl to .obj using this online converter
      • I will only use this site if I’m stuck with a .stl and the .stl file is less than 15mb in size
    • I’m gonna make a giant baseplate out of these pieces
      • Calculated that each piece needs to be 4.94 units apart on the x-axis and 6.542 units apart on the z-axis
      • Material is a dark green similar to that of the traditional green LEGO baseplates
  • Progress so far:

5/14/2019 – Hour 1 (3:45 – 4:45 pm)

  • Started by drawing out the menu layout in Photoshop (it’s really Photopea.com but pretend it’s Photoshop)
    • Did this so I have an idea of what I want to create and how to lay it all out:

Map of menu for LEGO Project – Draft 1

  • Decided to keep this project on my hard drive so I can work on this from home if I need to
    • That and so I can do some other things on a much more powerful system
  • Created a rough outline of the menu in Unity
    • I decided to use the High Definition RP so I can make good-looking stuff with LEGO bricks
      • I don’t know whether or not I want to make bricks or find a 3rd-party model yet. Fortunately, I’m not working on that yet
    • Grabbed a Unity and LEGO logo and made a logo for the project:

    • For now, the buttons just output to console what they’re gonna do
  • I decided to put the canvas in world space rather than screen space so I can make an interactable menu scene
  • Started work on transitions between each menu
    • Even though I hate the animator, it’d be a good learning experience to know how to use it
    • Created booleans that trigger animations when they are set to true
    • Turned off “Has Exit Time” on each transition so they start instantaneously instead of starting once the idle anim is done
  • Project so far: