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New Video & Moving Update!

A new video just went live on the channel, and it’s a bit different than what you’re used to from me… Watch it below! Now for some updates. As you guys know, I am moving. We now have an official date for moving. I will be moving out on August 26, which is in a […]

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New TrollCraft Episode!

Hey, y’all! A new episode of TrollCraft just went live! Watch the episode below: Also, you should subscribe! I need 100 subscribers to live stream from my phone, which is the only form of live streaming I can do at the moment, so if you wanna see me do stuff live, get me back to […]

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Moab Trip: Part 2 is now live!

Hey guys! Part two of my Moab trip is now live on my channel! Watch it below! Why not subscribe to me, too, while  you’re watching that video? That’s all from me. Love you guys! -Michael Shaw, President/Founder at Flippin’ Fun Video Games

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Moab Trip Part 1 & Moving Updates!

Hey y’all! Part 1 of my trip to Moab, Utah is now live on my channel! You can watch it below! Update on moving: We are now locked into buying the house that we want! We’ll move out of our current house on August 29th. Don’t worry, I’ll vlog the entire thing and reveal where in […]

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New YouTube Upload Schedule & Updates!

Hey, peoples! I have some big news, as you can guess by the title of the post; I now have an upload schedule for my YouTube videos! I will be uploading every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at NOON PST. You can get more details by watching the video below: Now it’s update time! We are […]

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