New Series!

A new video has appeared on my channel! I’ve started a let’s play series of the Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC. Watch the first episode down below!


-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

New Video & Moving Update!

A new video just went live on the channel, and it’s a bit different than what you’re used to from me… Watch it below!

Now for some updates. As you guys know, I am moving. We now have an official date for moving. I will be moving out on August 26, which is in a week and a half. I’m super excited, but also not because I kind of don’t want to pack up yet. C’est la vie.

That’s all. Bye!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

New TrollCraft Episode!

Hey, y’all!

A new episode of TrollCraft just went live! Watch the episode below:

Also, you should subscribe! I need 100 subscribers to live stream from my phone, which is the only form of live streaming I can do at the moment, so if you wanna see me do stuff live, get me back to 100 subs please.

OK bye!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

Moab Trip: Part 2 is now live!

Hey guys!

Part two of my Moab trip is now live on my channel! Watch it below!

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That’s all from me. Love you guys!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder at Flippin’ Fun Video Games

Moab Trip Part 1 & Moving Updates!

Hey y’all!

Part 1 of my trip to Moab, Utah is now live on my channel! You can watch it below!

Update on moving: We are now locked into buying the house that we want! We’ll move out of our current house on August 29th. Don’t worry, I’ll vlog the entire thing and¬†reveal where in the country we are moving to in said vlog.

That’s all I have for y’all. Have fun!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

New YouTube Upload Schedule & Updates!

Hey, peoples!

I have some big news, as you can guess by the title of the post; I now have an upload schedule for my YouTube videos! I will be uploading every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at NOON PST. You can get more details by watching the video below:

Now it’s update time! We are now under contract in Washington! We managed to get our first pick, but at a cost (besides money); we’re closing on August 29, but we can’t move in until September 10. That means that I’ll either miss an entire week or so of school or have to live in a hotel for a week and a half, neither of which sound great. The most likely situation we’ll be in is the latter. We still (hopefully) got the house.

In other news, we are guaranteed to move out of the current house! It got appraised while I was in Moab (vlogs coming later this week).

That’s all I have. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

New Video & Moving Updates

Hey guys!

I know this post is a bit late, but a new video is live on my channel! It’s episode 6 of TrollCraft. It is a shorter episode, but only because the raw footage was filled with mining and building. Watch the video below:

And now updates on house stuff!

If you haven’t read Monday’s post, We have three houses that we want. We placed an offer on our first two picks at the same time just to play it safe. Turns out the counter that the first house gave us pushes a later move date, and we want to be in our new house by the end of August, so we won’t be getting our first pick. The second and third picks are still nice houses, so no need to fret.

Also, I’m going on a camping trip to Moab with my friends (again, for those who didn’t read Monday’s post)! I won’t be online from Thursday to Saturday of this week since that’s when the trip is. And yes, of course I’ll vlog the trip and post it onto my channel!

That’s all for today. Have a lovely weekend!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

New Video & Updates!

Hello all!

I have just released a new video on my YouTube channel! It’s a Reddit 50/50 challenge video. Hope you enjoy!

I’ll update you on what’s happening in my life while you’re still here. Currently, we have plans to make an offer on three different houses. Our first pick is in a bidding war, our second one will most likely sell in our favor, and the third one is a last resort. Each house has their own perks, but some are less-how should I put this-“broken-y” than others.

I’m also going on a camping trip with a group of friends in Moab, Utah! I’m going to be doing some rafting, zip lining, and driving with my squad! I will be vlogging the trip, so expect a Moab vlog within the next week!

Side note: I am posting a vlog about the trip tomorrow.

Have fun doing what you’re doing!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

New Series, Updates, & Q&A!

Hey all.

I know it’s been a hot second since I updated the website. Just wanted to let you all know that I started a new let’s play series on my YouTube channel. It’s for the game Prey. I hope you guys like it! You can watch the video below this paragraph:

You can also watch the video above this line of text.

I plan to start posting more on this website for when videos go live on my YouTube channel and for other random updates I feel you guys deserve to hear about.

Here’s an update for ya; for those of you who don’t watch my videos, I’m moving this summer to a place I’ll reveal in a vlog on my channel later on. Recently, we accepted an offer on the house, meaning that we have about a month before we can move. Keep in mind that it might not happen since the buyers can back out at any point over the next month. As I am writing this post, we have an inspector touring the house. Within the next few weeks, we will have an appraiser come through the house to grant the buyers a loan for the house. Once that happens, we are practically locked into moving within the next couple of weeks after the appraisal. If everything goes smoothly, we will be moved in a couple of days before school starts at the earliest. Just thought you guys should know where the moving progress is.

One last thing before I end this post. I recently hit 100 subscribers on YouTube (yay!). For my 100 subscriber special, I will be doing a Q&A. If you have any questions, you can either put them in the comments section of the original video, the comments section here, or on my social media posts about it (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). While I’m talking about social media, go follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! I promise it’ll be worth your time!

That’s all from me. Have a wonderful morning/day/evening/night!

-Michael Shaw, Founder/President of Flippin’ Fun Video Games

TrollCraft S1 Ep2 is live now!

TrollCraft Season 1 Episode 2 is now live on my channel! Check the video out below!

I’m so happy that everyone likes the series thus far. I’ve been trying to find a replacement for the Undertale series for a while now, and this just so happened to be it. I hope that this series continues to be popular with you guys!

Thanks and bye!

-Michael Shaw, President/Founder of Flippin’ Fun Video Games